About mobile phones

What do you know about technology?

Well I know that it is everywhere around us.

What do you mean?

I mean that cars, computers, mobile phones, GSM, IT devices, trains, buses, air planes – everything is technology. Just different kinds of technology.

Yes, I agree. But is there any kind of technique – electronics, auto or something else you like more than others?

Yes, of course there is. I like most of all computer technologies. There is nothing else in this world I like more. And I study exactly this. I want to be a computer engineer.

So you will be one of the professionals mobile phones conversationwho develops the technology of the computers.

Yes! I want to create computers that are very useful and much smarter than the others.

Tell me how you see the future of technology.

Well it is one very hard question. And I think there is no man who can answer it. Things are changing very fast. If we look at the mobile phones we will see what huge difference there is between the phone models from the close past (about a year ago) and the latest models. I think there is nothing that can stop the development of the technology not only in the area of the information technologies but in all sectors of science.

There has been a short poll about technology. We see the opinion of a young student in the area of computer systems and engineering. So we all think that he is right. And what about you? Do you think the same thing about the technology? There is one sure thing – all areas of science are at a very high level in their development. And the level is constantly rising. Soon we will see the next generation of devices, cars, mobile phones, computers, laptops, planes, yachts and so many other things that we cannot even imagine. Just be on the line and be sure you follow the news because today may be the day when something new will appear.

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